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 SanchoRod Application

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Age : 42

PostSubject: SanchoRod Application   Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:42 pm

Facebook Name: Sancho Rodriguez
In Game Name: SanchoRod

Answer the following questions and your application will be reviewed.

1.) Whats your MMO/Gaming Experience?
Usually I'm more of a Massively Singleplayer Offline kind of gamer. I find that people usually get in the way of my gaming experience, but I'm already here, so let's give it a go. I have, however, designed and been 'last-stop responsible' for remote-deployable software that digs malware out of an infected computer while dependent on the cooperation of several large corporate teams, and having direct authority over no one. So if you're looking for specific examples of non-authoritative leadership, and team-playerism it's in there somewhere. It's not quite the same as MMO, but there's some overlap in the skillset.

2a.) Do you like porn?
Who doesn't?

2b.) Can you handle obscene chat?
How do you make an 8-year-old-girl cry twice?
Wipe your bloody dick off on her teddy bear.

3.) Are you a carebear? Do you even understand that lingo?
No, and yes. I think it would be more accurate to define myself as a turtler. It is my goal to participate in and bolster defenses in order to protect revenue streams and thereby indirectly improve the attack capacity of the corps.

4.) How do you like this game? What has your experience been so far?
I enjoy the depth of play, and that there remains something to accomplish even after several months of play. It seems to solve a lot of the problems with other games. Single click resource farming, upgrades that actually have an affect on your gameplay (unlike games in which upgrades only serve to unlock other upgrades). The game itself isn't a mindless pursuit, but rather rewards strategic thinking.

It is the only facebook game I play because there is some element of fun. Plus all those other games are a pointless time suck.

5.) Are you active every day? At least half an hour to an hour?
I will check in several times a day most every day. From time to time I travel. when this happens, I always announce my travel in the corps FB page, and when I am on the road I donate all earned funds to the corps coffer. You don't get paid not to work, so you shouldn't get paid not to play.

6.) What time Zone are you?
Geograpically I am in GMT-8, but right now I'm sleeping on a roughly GMT-1 schedule. It can vary wildly from day to day.

In this Corp, Donations are not mandatory, but are highly recommended:
On day one I donated 15,000,000 worth of resources to the corps, just to get a solid start. I will continue to donate generously for as long as I am a member.
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SanchoRod Application
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